Heptathlete Hair!

Watching the Commonwealth Games isn’t all about the sports. With former heptathlete Denise Lewis on punditry duties, there’s also some serious style to feast on.

Denise has had all kinds of hairstyles over the years, from natural curls to corn-rows to bob, but now it’s all about the quiff. The shaved sides, the coloured tips, the rockabilly mohawk – it’s punky, yes… but sexy smart rather than Siouxsie Sioux.

The key is to leave the make-up natural and the outfits fuss-free rather than trying to make them match the boldness of the hairdo (kind of like that old rule of legs or cleavage – but never both!) Pairing sensible pastel clothes and gentle make-up with a kickass hairdo is a clash but one that’s strong in a classy way. And it’s easier to achieve than Denise’s other trademark: the sculpted six-pack.

Too scared to get shaved at the sides? Here’s how to get the look without clippers:

Beards are back… and I love it!

Beards are back… and I love it.

I can’t remember the last time you guys were so committed to growing beards. And I don’t mean goatees or any of those ‘arty’ facial hair statements either. No, I’m talking about the full works – the real man stuff!

Maybe actors like the release it gives them? During filming they have to adhere to a certain look but in between projects there’s a real freedom to looking as ungroomed as possible. Certainly beards can give definition to a face too, like a great frame that makes a painting look even better.

Whatever the reason, male stars certainly can’t get enough right now. I should know – I’ve just worked with three of them:

Ralph Fiennes.
Invisible Woman Premiere London

Jared Leto
Dallas Buyers Club Premiere London

Christian Bale
American Hustle Premiere Berlin

Tempted? I say go for it. I’m reliably informed the itching stops after a week or so. Just remember though, do care for your new furry friend. Condition it if it’s feeling too wirey and comb and trim regularly. You might want to look rough and ready but this is Hollywood we’re talking about here. Even looking as if you don’t care takes work!

Kylie on The Voice – Get The Hair!

So this month has seen the return of The Princess Of Pop, Ms Kylie Minogue, onto our screens in a big way. As one of the new coaches on The Voice she’s wow-wow-wowing audiences with her smiley charm and killer heels. For me though, it’s as much about the hair and make-up. And, as someone who’s just found herself walking out of the salon with hair the same length as La Minogue’s, I decided to try out a gentle Kylie curl on myself.

L’Oreal Matt & Messy

WOW! I can’t believe that just a few simple squirts from this magic bottle did this. What a difference. No hair dryer, hair spray, mousse or styling skills needed!

It’s all thanks to L’Oréal’s New Studio Matt & Messy Shine Free Salt Spray ‘Tousled Look’.

I award it my biggest accolade: it’s going into my kit bag.


So I was invited to the opening of the Daniel Galvin Salon and VIP make over room at the Corinthia Hotel the other day. If you’re not yet aware of the Corinthia, it’s a stunning new London hotel next to the River Thames, near Embankment station.


Plush, right? It’s already got A-list regulars (we did the launch of the new Bond Movie Skyfall there) plus they do the best fish & chips I’ve ever had in the capital!

At the launch we were shown the impressive salon and offered a goodie bag (not something I wanted to turn down obviously!) Inside I found an amazing shampoo and fabulous conditioner by Daniel Galvin called Salon Extra Care. They normally retail at £13.00 each, are light on lather due to having no sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate and to help repair damaged hair the shampoo boasts added protein and keratin. The conditioner has antioxidents and vitamins too.

Now the amazing thing about these products is their effect. They’ve literally halved the time I need to cleanse my hair since they keep your locks looking fresh and clean for so long (I was washing my hair every 2 days, now it’s every 4 or 5). As my hair isn’t exactly minimal that’s a lot of hours saved! Also, if I clip it up at night, it seems to hold the style, needing only a quick touch-up before I’m ready to go. It’s a miracle worker. And almost as good as the battered cod! x