Heptathlete Hair!

Watching the Commonwealth Games isn’t all about the sports. With former heptathlete Denise Lewis on punditry duties, there’s also some serious style to feast on.

Denise has had all kinds of hairstyles over the years, from natural curls to corn-rows to bob, but now it’s all about the quiff. The shaved sides, the coloured tips, the rockabilly mohawk – it’s punky, yes… but sexy smart rather than Siouxsie Sioux.

The key is to leave the make-up natural and the outfits fuss-free rather than trying to make them match the boldness of the hairdo (kind of like that old rule of legs or cleavage – but never both!) Pairing sensible pastel clothes and gentle make-up with a kickass hairdo is a clash but one that’s strong in a classy way. And it’s easier to achieve than Denise’s other trademark: the sculpted six-pack.

Too scared to get shaved at the sides? Here’s how to get the look without clippers:

Beards are back… and I love it!

Beards are back… and I love it.

I can’t remember the last time you guys were so committed to growing beards. And I don’t mean goatees or any of those ‘arty’ facial hair statements either. No, I’m talking about the full works – the real man stuff!

Maybe actors like the release it gives them? During filming they have to adhere to a certain look but in between projects there’s a real freedom to looking as ungroomed as possible. Certainly beards can give definition to a face too, like a great frame that makes a painting look even better.

Whatever the reason, male stars certainly can’t get enough right now. I should know – I’ve just worked with three of them:

Ralph Fiennes.
Invisible Woman Premiere London

Jared Leto
Dallas Buyers Club Premiere London

Christian Bale
American Hustle Premiere Berlin

Tempted? I say go for it. I’m reliably informed the itching stops after a week or so. Just remember though, do care for your new furry friend. Condition it if it’s feeling too wirey and comb and trim regularly. You might want to look rough and ready but this is Hollywood we’re talking about here. Even looking as if you don’t care takes work!

Golden Globes, Red Lips

It was a choice of a flattering nude or stunning red lips on the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet, with Taylor Swift looking especially cute rocking the latter (her signature look).

Jennifer Lawrence also plumped for a berry red as she collected her Globe for Best Supporting Actress in American Hustle…

… whilst Cate Blanchett, winner of Best Actress (Drama) for Blue Jasmine, had a bitten red pout to complement her gorgeous black lace Armani Couture.

And whilst Emma Watson has us all gossiping about her game changing Dior outfit (think open back and… er… black leggings) she topped off the look with perfect red lips. With all eyes on those stunning mouths it’s no surprise the rest of these ladies’ make-up was kept charmingly simple.

Want Taylor’s look? Then watch this!

Cameron Diaz’s new movie look

Cameron Diaz is rocking great nails in her new movie The Councillor, out today.
Metallic Silver nails are the perfect way to give your look an edge.

MAC silver Discothèque nail polish £11.00
Boots SEVENTEEN Holo Nail Silver 3.99
Or go for a freebie! Glamour Magazine UK (out 4th November – £2) are gifting a Kate Spade for Nails Inc Nail Polish choose Soho Silver (silver metallic) to get Cameron’s look

Alice Eve does sci-fi chic

A new Star Trek movie might not be the obvious place to find style inspiration but I’m loving the sleek bob that Alice Eve rocks in the film.

It’s a look that harks back to vintage Star Treks with its sharp Sixties space-age shape. But with that gloss and movement it’s also less of a ‘helmet’ than the original Vidal Sassoon wedge bob.

While a round-ish bob on a round-ish face face may sound too much, Alice’s casual side-parting creates a flattering cut across the face, with the front layers offsetting the forehead. The best haircuts help to make your face look more oval – supposedly the most pleasing shape – and with only around three-quarters of the face on display you definitely get that here. The height at the crown helps too.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set in the year 2259 so obviously this look is big in the future! A bit closer to home, my money’s on this being Summer 2013′s blockbuster cut too.


I had such fun working with the gorgeous action star Gina Carano on all her publicity for Fast & Furious 6. She’s sweet, funny and kicks ass – the perfect combination!

For her premiere we decided to do old-skool glamour… with an edge. Her hair was in a classic up-do but it also worked the latest dip dye trend with its two tones. For the make-up I used silver and blue Bobbi Brown eye shadows to match her fabulous Westwood dress, as well as some high impact old favourites (Maybelline Eye Studio black gel liner, Armani Maestro Fusion foundation, Clinique Invisible Blend powder and Estée Lauder Pure Colour High Gloss in Bare Glow for the lips).

The result? A red-carpet look that packs as much of a punch as one of her fight scenes.

BRITS Bond Girl Bérénice

I was lucky enough to be working with gorgeous Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe at the BRITS. She was ready to wow the crowds in a shimmering Donna Karan Atelier gown and it was up to me to give her equally stunning make-up.


Bérénice and I decided to harmonise the make-up with her skin and hair tones. First I rebalanced her complexion with Pai Lotus and Orange Blossom BioAffinity Toner (heavenly natural scent!) then rehydrated with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturiser (Bérénice had spent a lot of time in the air no thanks to her plane getting delayed en route from LA to the UK). Dramatically Different is a superb hydrator but can also immediately perform under make-up – exactly what I needed!

Next came Armani Maestro Foundation with some Origins Quick Hide Concealer. Lashes were coated with Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara in black. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink then gave me the strong eye shape that I knew wouldn’t shift. I layered it up with MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Black Ice. You gotta love a bit drama around the eyes!

L’Oreal have a unusual dirty, gold metallic eyeshadow called Color Infalliable 24 Bronze Goddess that proved perfect for touching around the eyes and onto a deeper base of muted matt browns (from Maybelline’s EyeStudio Mono range). Her strong brow shape was sculptured with a YSL eyebrow pencil, the ideal tool when you’re after serious precision. I didn’t want her lips to look overly glossy or pearlescent so YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Beige Instinct was just the thing – it’s sultry and soft. I didn’t use a blusher, just Tom Ford’s Shape and Illuminate to work with her natural skin tone.

Hanging out at the BRITS was pretty cool too. I bumped into my old mate Robbie Williams, watched Justin Timberlake perform from the side of the stage and caught up with a few old Radio 1 friends. Even better, the look I gave Bérénice made the headlines at www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com.

Kate Mara ‘House Of Cards’

As the temperatures plummeted to below freezing in London, Kate Mara shone on the red carpet for the ‘House Of Cards’ Premiere.

She opened the 2013 premiere season in a Spring Christian Dior bright yellow dress, accessorised with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, a Gilan ring, and a Plukka necklace.

A stripped back make-up for the red carpet is brave, but Kate’s beautiful fresh complexion stunned me when I first met her so I had no intention of losing that in heavy make-up.

So after applying the lightest of bases I emphasised her eyes with black eye pencil and brightened them with Spring/Summers new hot colour – copper. Lips and cheeks were flushed in naked taupe tones.

For her hair, I groomed it into a sharp side parting (a style she favours in the new tv series) then tied it into a low-slung pony tail and textured the locks into beautiful curls.

We even got into the pages of the super-cool mag Nylon with this look!

House of Cards is a political thriller available on Netflix from 1st Feb.

It’s a tv series that’s not available on TV and all 13 episodes can be downloaded immediately. Heaven for those of us who love to indulge in box sets and watch a series at our leisure.

It stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright alongside Kate and is directed by David Fincher – we’re talking ‘Fight Club’ (one of my all time fav films), Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ video & ‘The Social Network’

That’s one hell of a reason to join Netflix!