Alice Eve does sci-fi chic

A new Star Trek movie might not be the obvious place to find style inspiration but I’m loving the sleek bob that Alice Eve rocks in the film.

It’s a look that harks back to vintage Star Treks with its sharp Sixties space-age shape. But with that gloss and movement it’s also less of a ‘helmet’ than the original Vidal Sassoon wedge bob.

While a round-ish bob on a round-ish face face may sound too much, Alice’s casual side-parting creates a flattering cut across the face, with the front layers offsetting the forehead. The best haircuts help to make your face look more oval – supposedly the most pleasing shape – and with only around three-quarters of the face on display you definitely get that here. The height at the crown helps too.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set in the year 2259 so obviously this look is big in the future! A bit closer to home, my money’s on this being Summer 2013′s blockbuster cut too.


I had such fun working with the gorgeous action star Gina Carano on all her publicity for Fast & Furious 6. She’s sweet, funny and kicks ass – the perfect combination!

For her premiere we decided to do old-skool glamour… with an edge. Her hair was in a classic up-do but it also worked the latest dip dye trend with its two tones. For the make-up I used silver and blue Bobbi Brown eye shadows to match her fabulous Westwood dress, as well as some high impact old favourites (Maybelline Eye Studio black gel liner, Armani Maestro Fusion foundation, Clinique Invisible Blend powder and Estée Lauder Pure Colour High Gloss in Bare Glow for the lips).

The result? A red-carpet look that packs as much of a punch as one of her fight scenes.