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Slade and The Mission sing Merry Xmas Everybody!

My favourite Christmas song? Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody! Even better, I was lucky enough to work with Noddy Holder on his charity version from the 90′s. Glam outfits, trashy make up and ridiculous dancing – great fun. And yes, that’s me in the pink jumpsuit!

Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year x

Make up for the morning after!

It’s well into party season now and it may be taking its toll! Here are a few of my tricks to try and ‘get away with it’!

Products used:
Simple cleansing wipes
Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser
Origins Quick Hide concealer
Smash Box eye primer
Clinique Repair Wear

What to wear when you work at home

Efficiency experts say that even for an ‘at home’ day it’s best to dress like you’re in the office. I can understand why. Many’s the time I’ve begun my day with good intentions but then, after choosing soft lounge wear over power dressing, my day’s gone rapidly downhill. Hello wasted hours searching on-line for a pair of PJs, endlessly rearranging vases of flowers, lighting umpteen candles and religiously selecting essential oils to burn – all instead of doing my actual work! It’s probably not how Richard Branson built the Virgin empire.

Luckily Stylist magazine have the perfect compromise: sports gear. Why? Well when the editorial team were faced with the challenge of putting together an issue in 24 hours they were split into groups, each trying a different method to help them through the task: hypnotism, nutrition, napping, exercise and old-fashioned grinning and bearing it!

By far the most helpful was exercise. Yes, the girls were running round the block, playing catch in the office and doing star jumps inbetween writing articles. The result? Energy levels up and work rate through the roof.

In other words, if you’re going to dress down when you’re working at home just as make sure it’s in a track suit instead of cashmere. Sportswear is just as comfy as loungewear and you’ll be able to go for a run in it to keep you motivated. So thank you Stylist magazine – now I can be fit, efficient and snug all at the same time!

Cameron Diaz’s new movie look

Cameron Diaz is rocking great nails in her new movie The Councillor, out today.
Metallic Silver nails are the perfect way to give your look an edge.

MAC silver Discothèque nail polish £11.00
Boots SEVENTEEN Holo Nail Silver 3.99
Or go for a freebie! Glamour Magazine UK (out 4th November – £2) are gifting a Kate Spade for Nails Inc Nail Polish choose Soho Silver (silver metallic) to get Cameron’s look


Jam jars make such pretty cost effective vases and it’s amazing how quickly they accumulate!

I bought 5 metres of 65mm wide edged scalloped ribbon from ‘Fabricsandfancies’ on eBay.

I carefully measured each length around the jam jar, not forgetting a few millimetres of overlap, and cut to size.

Then using a crafting glue gun, I placed 3 dots of glue on the jar to stick down the ribbon edge.

Wrap the ribbon around the jar until the two ends meets. Using your scissors press down the overlap. The glue will secure both layers of ribbon to the glass. Trim off any excess.

Pop in an eclectic collection of flowers or go minimal as I did by placing one dramatic hydrangea head in each vase.

Bin the pencil sharpener!

Make-up artists love it when products get truly innovative. At yesterday’s Smashbox ‘Pro Session’, a buzz went around the room when Lori Taylor (Smashbox Cosmetics Pro Lead Artist) introduced us to their latest goundbreaker: the Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner.

It sharpens in the lid by moulding the tip each time it’s twisted – no pencil sharpener needed! The result? Precision with ease. What’s not to love?

Heidi Klein Campaign

I’ve just come back from a fab week’s shoot on Jumby Bay, an exclusive island off the coast of Antigua. Great weather, warm hospitality and a gorgeous crew made it an unforgettable experience. It was all for the new Heidi Klein swimwear campaign so keep your eyes peeled for the pics soon…

Can’t wait for this Heidi Klein look to be in store… Love.


Heidi @heidikleinswim
Model: Le Call
Photographer: Jonathan Glynn Smith @bullseyejgs
Photographer’s assistant: Lottie Anderson
Head of PR/Production/Location Scout/Stylist/Stylist Assistant (all that and she still had a smile): Caroline Shapiro @inkairpr
Hair & Make-up: Ciona Johnson-King @CionaJK
Blogger: Emily Johnston @fashionfoiegras

Alice Eve does sci-fi chic

A new Star Trek movie might not be the obvious place to find style inspiration but I’m loving the sleek bob that Alice Eve rocks in the film.

It’s a look that harks back to vintage Star Treks with its sharp Sixties space-age shape. But with that gloss and movement it’s also less of a ‘helmet’ than the original Vidal Sassoon wedge bob.

While a round-ish bob on a round-ish face face may sound too much, Alice’s casual side-parting creates a flattering cut across the face, with the front layers offsetting the forehead. The best haircuts help to make your face look more oval – supposedly the most pleasing shape – and with only around three-quarters of the face on display you definitely get that here. The height at the crown helps too.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set in the year 2259 so obviously this look is big in the future! A bit closer to home, my money’s on this being Summer 2013′s blockbuster cut too.


I had such fun working with the gorgeous action star Gina Carano on all her publicity for Fast & Furious 6. She’s sweet, funny and kicks ass – the perfect combination!

For her premiere we decided to do old-skool glamour… with an edge. Her hair was in a classic up-do but it also worked the latest dip dye trend with its two tones. For the make-up I used silver and blue Bobbi Brown eye shadows to match her fabulous Westwood dress, as well as some high impact old favourites (Maybelline Eye Studio black gel liner, Armani Maestro Fusion foundation, Clinique Invisible Blend powder and Estée Lauder Pure Colour High Gloss in Bare Glow for the lips).

The result? A red-carpet look that packs as much of a punch as one of her fight scenes.

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