The Kim Kardashi-tan!

The Kim Kardashi-tan!

So I finally got my hands on some of Kim K’s fave, the Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan. It promises ground breaking effects, being both moisturising and longer lasting than competitors (if my Italian is right,’Vita Liberata’ translates as ‘Carefree Life’ so maybe it’s promising me endless happiness too?!)

Having tested it, I can happily report that it deserves the hype.

Now, I’m not a frequent tanner as I get frustrated with all that regular topping up. The fact, then, that this actually lasts longer is a huge benefit. It’s also a natural colour, plus I don’t have those usual dry areas on my shins and feet that used to need extra moisturising.

Here’s the lowdown:
Use for 3 consecutive days, showering as normal but avoiding soap. If you’re using a darker shade on a fair skin then my advice is to apply before going to bed, then shower off in the morning. If the application is too strong then at least you can temper it before you hit the office!

Why not get hold of a bottle at

Happy tanning! (and whilst you’re at it, why not check out my You Tube guide to applying fake tan?)

Beat The Winter Blues

Beat The Winter Blues

Wow – isn’t staying happy and positive tough during the dark British Winter? (If you’re reading this outside the UK, somewhere sunny, then I’m not jealous… much!) I know I’m not alone in struggling with these grey days either. I’m pretty sure even the most ‘happy go lucky’ of us finds things tough come January.

But we have to fight back. Yes it’s an effort and yes we might fall ‘off the wagon’ some days but… fight back we must!

So, here are some of my favourite pick-me-up tips that will help get you happily through to the Spring. Mmmm… I can feel that warm sun on my back already!

1. Exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do – Zumba, swimming, walking, football, gym, ballroom dancing, cycling, judo, yoga, pilates or a hundred others – just find something that you enjoy and gets you moving regularly.

2. Don’t be a hedgehog! In other words, try not to hibernate. Get outside, even if it’s for no other reason than to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Meeting up with friends or relatives is great too. Taking an interest in other people helps you forget about your own problems (think how easy it is to ‘lose yourself’ in a movie). Maybe even make the effort to speak to that neighbour you’ve always avoided (my husband should read this!) You never know what new relationships might blossom when leave the house.

3. Eat healthily. You ate enough junk at Christmas, right?

4. Put fresh flowers around your home. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune – one of my favs is carnations in jam jars. These little gems give bright bursts of uplifting colour that last for ages. Floral scents also have a direct effect on our emotional responses. If I don’t have fresh flowers to hand then I mix essential oils such as Rose and Sweet Orange in an aromatherapy burner.

5. Spring clean. After all, who said you had to wait until actual Spring to take control of your surroundings? Take extra care to get your windows sparkling. With Winter’s low light levels it’s important the maximum gets through. If you still feel your home is dingy, try light therapy. Waking up to an anti-SAD lamp (Lumie makes good ones) tricks the brain into thinking it’s a bright sunny day.

6. Pretend you’re prepping for a holiday: fake tan, pedicure, brighten your hair colour. Okay, maybe you’re not actually going away at the end of it but that pre-holiday excitement is all part of the fun, right?

7. And finally, my favourite is my gratitude book. Treat yourself to a cute notebook, keep it by your bed and then every evening record 3 things to be grateful for from that day: a compliment at work, a shopping bargain, no traffic jams – anything! It’s a simple, but amazingly powerful, way of filling your mind with sunshine.