Kylie on The Voice – Get The Hair!

So this month has seen the return of The Princess Of Pop, Ms Kylie Minogue, onto our screens in a big way. As one of the new coaches on The Voice she’s wow-wow-wowing audiences with her smiley charm and killer heels. For me though, it’s as much about the hair and make-up. And, as someone who’s just found herself walking out of the salon with hair the same length as La Minogue’s, I decided to try out a gentle Kylie curl on myself.

L’Oreal Matt & Messy

WOW! I can’t believe that just a few simple squirts from this magic bottle did this. What a difference. No hair dryer, hair spray, mousse or styling skills needed!

It’s all thanks to L’OrĂ©al’s New Studio Matt & Messy Shine Free Salt Spray ‘Tousled Look’.

I award it my biggest accolade: it’s going into my kit bag.