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Ciona Johnson-King

Ciona is one of the beauty industry’s most respected figures. Her global hair and make-up clients have won Oscars, Grammys and Olympic Golds whilst her presenting has seen her appear on numerous outlets. Her current biweekly live Instagram show alongside ITV’s celebrity stylist Mark Heyes has a loyal audience of thousands, keen to hear about the latest beauty trends without all the confusing jargon.

Fashion shoots, film junkets and music tours have taken Ciona all over the world. She has worked both in the searing heat of a safari and in the ice caves of the Swiss alps; in the chaos of a sea storm on a super yacht and the (equally scary!) chaos of screaming fans and paparazzi at countless premieres. Whatever the location though, she always has the same goal: to stay calm and make sure her client, no matter how exhausted, looks fresh and camera-ready.

Applying her favourite sentiment – Beauty, Health, Happiness – to every aspect of her life, Ciona knows that true radiance comes from the heart as well as the face.

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